The Rabex Story

Rabex Founded in 2017 and based in Iran, Tehran, Rabex exists to create a world where any Iranian people can belong anywhere in the world of cryptocurrencies. We, with the help of Sharif University graduates aim to answer any need related to this world, currently providing a safe trading system that is fast, user friendly, authentic and sustainable. To this day, this complex has tried to fight the economic, trade and scientific sanctions and restrictions imposed on Iran and will continue to do so.

Business Description

Rabex helps you buy and sell digital currencies in the shortest possible time, with high security. You can chat with others in the Rabex community or follow the latest news on our blog. In addition, SH24, as a Rabex store, strives to take a big step towards meeting all the needs in the digital currency world, not just by selling products, but also by providing solutions for setting up and maintaining mining farms.

The purpose of the company is to utilize up-to-date experience and knowledge of its forces to the extent that it can eliminate the limitations created for Iranians in the international arena and respond to the needs of individuals in the digital currency world. People are now able to view bitcoin prices online through the secure, fast and convenient platform Rabex provides, and buy or sell their Bitcoin in a few steps as quickly as possible. Sell.


We've taken a huge challenge and a made it into our mission: To answer every needs of the Iranian people and organizations in the world of Cryptocurrencies. To achieve this, we are building a team of smart, creative, passionate optimists, the kind of people who see opportunity where others see roadblocks. If this sounds like you, check Rabex Job Opportunities... .