DAICA which is the shorten form of “Dust And Ice Control Agent” is referring to a unique natural material with scientific name of Tachyhydrite. It is an unstable mineral, a hydrous chloride of calcium and magnesium and upon exposure to moist air it rapidly deliquesces and dissolves. It forms a colorless to yellow trigonal crystal with a vitreous luster. However, DAICA can be in forms of fluid, crystal or powder depends on its different applications.

DAICA is our newest product which due to market researches is the only specimen of its kind around the world. In many countries calcium and magnesium chlorides are being produced chemically and individually which will contain unwanted impurities that may be harmful for environment.

Our Activity

Rabin Group is the one and only supplier and exporter of this product which succeed to export this product to our region countries. We are highly looking for capturing new markets and making international partnerships regarding this product.

we have exported in partial shipment and regularly to Iraq this products and we are searching for new markets in world wide.