"We Are One Stop Centre for Every Petroleum Industry Needs"

In the Petroleum Business Division, we trade petroleum products.The petroleum industry includes the global processes of exploration, extraction, refining, transporting and marketing petroleum products.  Petroleum is also the raw material for many chemical products.

The world today demands increasingly diverse forms of petroleum. Nevertheless, petroleum products like the ones handled by this division still remain a key energy source, representing over 30 percent of the world's consumption of primary petroleum. As part of this division’s business, we are comprehensively engaged in overseas-related operations including trading of petroleum products;conducting business investments overseas centered on the sale of petroleum products.

We aim to further improve our sales infrastructure to expand business fields and boost cost competitiveness. We will also seek to streamline and make effective use of shipping services and optimize our logistics operations.

In our overseas operations, while pushing ahead with business investments to capture demand in growth markets, we will establish and strengthen our business infrastructure to expand the trading business.





Bitumen is mainly sourced from Iranian Refinery which is largest producer of Bitumen in world. The shipments are prepared inside the refinery, packed into drums .to meet the growing demand, we organize the export of Bitumen at highly competitive prices with very prompt delivery.

solid-parrafin-1Paraffin wax

Paraffin wax, colorless or white, somewhat translucent, hard wax consisting of a mixture of solid straight-chain hydrocarbons ranging in melting point from about 48° to 66° C (120° to 150° F). Paraffin Wax is produced only from refineries, which have wax production units.


Petroleum naphtha is an intermediate hydrocarbon liquid stream derived from the refining of crude oil.It is most usually desulfurized and then catalytically reformed, which re-arranges or re-structures the hydrocarbon molecules in the naphtha as well as breaking some of the molecules into smaller molecules to produce a high-octane component of gasoline (or petrol).