DAICA which is the shorten form of “Dust And Ice Control Agent” is referring to a unique natural material with scientific name of Tachyhydrite. Tachyhydrite is an unstable mineral, a hydrous chloride of calcium and magnesium with formula: CaMg₂Cl₆·12H₂O. It is a rare component of marine evaporate salt deposits. Upon exposure to moist air it rapidly deliquesces and dissolves. It forms a colorless to yellow trigonal crystal with a vitreous luster. However, DAICA can be in forms of fluid, crystal or powder depends on its different applications.

Our product analysis due to the latest laboratory report is as below:

Tachyhydrite Insol % H₂O % CaCl₂ % MgCl₂ % KCl % NaCl %
ITEM 0.18 40.75 21.31 34.81 0.31 1.21

The analysis of the final brine which our product comes out of it is as below:
Final Brine T (°C) D (g/cm³) CaCL₂ (g/l) MgCL₂ (g/l) KCL (g/l) NaCL (g/l)
ITEM 24.5 1.4285 451.33 146.00 9.01 8.06

This brine is 100% natural and comes from central desert of Iran and does not contain any organic beings. The final product is prepared after several refines and salt deposits. First, we refine NaCl, then KCL, and finally we get DAICA.


Because of DAICA specifications, exclusive of the applications of Magnesium and Calcium chlorides individually, it can be used for both Dust-Control (soil-stabilization) and Ice-Control (De-/Anti-Icing) without breaking it down. It has many advantages in comparison with regular Salt for De-Icing and Oil Mulch or other agents for Dust-Control. In Addition, it can be a great raw material for sourcing MgCl₂ and CaCl₂ by breaking it down, instead of producing these chlorides chemically.

  • Stabilization of dirt roads and construction of temporary roads
  • Control dust in industrial environments
  • Infrastructure and stabilization the shoulders of road
  • Maintenance of motorways and sideways in winter
  • Environments of petrochemical plants and refineries and mines
  • Parks and sport fields like tennis court
  • De-Icing of aircraft fuselages


In general, DAICA advantages compared to other products with similar applications such as oil mulch and salt can be expressed as follows:

  • 100 percent natural and harmless to the environment and living organisms
  • Improving the structure of soil and useful for plants
  • Harmless for and very low influence on water (if entering the groundwater)
  • Very low impact on corrosion of road surfaces, structures and metals
  • Low cost of storage, transport and utilizing
  • Usability in various forms and in all weather conditions with minimal facilities
  • No cleanup costs
  • Reducing the implementation costs by its long-term effect (1 to 3 years for soil stabilization)
  • Functional and effective in very high and very low temperatures
  • Accelerate ice melting process by releasing heat when absorbing the moisture
  • Long-term effect because of its gelatinous characteristic and adhesion to surfaces
  • Very convenient to freight or keep for long distances and times