We have around 1000 metric ton capacity of Copper ore in Zahedan Mine which has an average grade of 3-5%. After the copper ore has been mined and milled from our mines, we then move it to one of our major factories located in Semnan, IRAN for the making of Copper Concentrate. There we apply a process named Flotation process for concentrating the metal-bearing mineral in an ore such as Copper Concentrate. This copper concentrate is then used as a raw material in the production of copper metal. The quality of various copper concentrates can vary and they typically contain around 20-35% of copper and other contents of elements such as Cobalt (CO), Au, Ag, & MO is included as well. This process recovers all valuable components of the ore and their precious metals making it one of the most popular process of all. This is the key to our success of providing the highest standard of CU in the market by targeting our potential customers and meeting their demands accordingly .We have played a major role in the supply of CU to the Asian Markets in the past couple of years covering over 80 % of exports mostly to CHINA. But now with current economic improvement, we are planning out our marketing strategies and business plans to globalize further into the European markets.

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