The Rabin Story

Rabin International has built a leading position in global Mineral, Petrochemical and Petroleum trading as well as logistics supply solutions, since it started its business as a trader in the year 2000.

Now over the years we have grown into a global company with local reach across the world. But we have maintained our principles – to add value to our customers and provide service in all aspects of our business.

We offer a unique combination of global reach, fast and effective communication, technical skills, market knowledge and an absolute commitment to customer and supplier partnerships.

Our core strength

Comes from our ability to work quickly and effectively in changing markets, to ensure that we provide fast, on time solutions to the urgent needs of clients as well as building lasting relationships based on trust and understanding.

Business Description

We handle a wide range of products taking from Petrochemical products such as UREA, Ammonium Nitrate, and Sulphur to Mineral products such as Copper Ore, Chrome Ore, Gypsum to Petroleum such as Bitumen, Paraffin Wax and so on.

Adding to this, we also have our own local Mineral mines such as Copper Ore in Zahedan, Bentonite Mine in East of IRAN- Mashhad- Birjand, and Chrome Ore in Bandar Abbas as well as Iron Ore. We also have our Factory located in Semnan where we apply the Flotation process- Flotation process is process for concentrating the metal-bearing mineral in an ore such as Copper Concentrate. This copper concentrate is then used as a raw material in the production of copper metal.

Being privately-owned and independent, with a flat hierarchical structure, allows Rabin to act swiftly and decisively in volatile and rapidly changing market environments. This key advantage enables Rabin to react faster and more effectively than its competitors to imbalances in the market.  It also enables Rabin to penetrate into emerging markets when the opportunity arises and to develop innovative products and creative solutions.


Rabin will be recognized as a leading provider in the Mineral, Petrochemical & Petroleum market worldwide delivering products of high quality and at competitive cost.


We seek to generate value in products and to deliver superior logistic service to our customers by understanding their specific market needs in terms of quality, cost, financial advice, and environmentally friendly distribution.




Rabin International’s talented employees lead through competence, service, innovation, and teamwork. As a leading trading company, we look for innovating solutions for our clients in terms of quality products and effective processes.




Rabin International respects the dignity, rights, and culture of our employees, suppliers, business partners and their communities. As responsible employees and citizens, we respect our company and its assets, and we respect the laws of the communities we live and interact with.




In Rabin International we are committed individually and collectively to high standards of ethical behavior. We respect each other and our environment, and proudly conduct our business practice in a legal and responsible manner.